One Year of Being Home

Today is Mother’s Day. Besides the general I am thankful for my mom, who has gone through more than I could ever imagine to have to go through in my life, I am so thankful for everything in my life now. Today also marks the year that I have been home since my travels.

It seems TOTALLY crazy to think it’s already been a year. I feel like I’ve only been home for 3-6 months…but I suppose that is probably because I’ve only really started to put my life back together in that same time frame. Before that…I was still in travel mode and lollygagging around Seattle (in the best way possible of course).

Coming home has been hard, I will never deny that, but it has also been absolutely incredibly rewarding. The friends I was so afraid of losing are still here, and our mutual respect for each other has only strengthened. I’ve also made a ton of new friends, which is always exciting for me, and I love discovering new personalities, histories, and the general creation of new memories.

So what am I doing now that my life is “back together”? Well, per usual I’m redonkulously busy. I live in Eastlake in a quaint and lovely 1 bedroom apartment with my dog and I love having access to the water across the street.

Moving day!

Filling my home with love and talent with Polecat!

On top of my 40 hour work week, I’ve decided to take over marketing/promo/sort of band managing for Heels to the Hardwood…we’re getting ready for the release of their album this fall and I am SO excited! I’m starting up belly dancing class in a couple weeks and I’ve recently picked up Blues Dancing as well. What is blues dancing? I can’t describe it so you’ll just have to watch a clip here, but it’s pretty much the most fun thing ever:

I’ve also recently started racing sail boats which is MY FAVORITE new hobby. It is SO much fun I can barely contain myself when I describe how fun it is. Anyway, I do that every week out of Shilshole Marina with a bunch of super experienced sailors that my lovely friend Jamie introduced me to and I look forward to the laughs and adrenaline rush every week. When I get the chance I”ve started rock climbing as well which has been challenging but awesome at the same time. I also started volunteering for the Pike Place Foundation…my latest amazing discovery about Seattle. Apparently the market has it’s own non profit that runs the preschool, senior center and food bank inside the market. I didn’t even know they had all of those social services! Definitely my newest love. My food blogging as fallen to the side as I’ve chosen to just spend a silly amount of time at Radiator Whiskey as a flask club member…yeah…that happened.

My dating life has been less than exciting. I’ve given my number out twice since I’ve been one (one guy didn’t call at all and the other just ended up not being a good fit), but I honestly could not be happier. I love the people I choose to spend time with and have shared some amazing memories in the last year.

What you should be excited about are the photos that are coming in a few weeks. My dear friend Ryan Henry (the guy who does all the Henry murals around Seattle), offered me a backstage photo-pass for Sasquatch this year! And all the amazing amenities that go with it! I suppose that is one of the wonderful things about knowing the visual arts curator for the festival!

I’m so so so eternally grateful for the people who have helped me recreate my home. Even if we’re in different places in our lives, the love is still there and I am so thankful I am able to be present for these moments in our lives.

Here are some photos of the amazing people that I am so thankful to have in my life over the past year:

Hot springs trippin’


First seaplane ride!

New coworkers!

New coworkers are even more fun when you’re friends outside of work.

My beautiful Ashley who I get to be a bridesmaid for…for the first time in my life!

These beautiful ladies!

The lovely Ryan Henry Ward

Foodie friends rejoicing at Beast Feast at Radiator Whiskey!

Meet Matt. He is my favorite new friend and I love him to pieces!

My dearest Burton who I am so glad I was able to meet in the short time he was able to spend with us here.

These two. Words can never express how much they mean to me. I have never loved two friends more in my life.

To Nikki who is off on new adventures in her life!

My birthday twin.

Charlie’s Angels what?

New camping friends!

This amazing guy who is cancer free now WOOT!!!!!!!

This lovely and kind hearted soul who writes lyrics that make my heart sing and always puts a smile on my face

One of my first travel inspirations

My adventure partner!

Ok you’ve seen these guys a lot but I can’t help I share so many damn amazing adventures with them.

This spunky princess!

The boys. Of course.

Thank you friends who have helped make this last year so incredible and reminding me why I came home. Without you, there is no point in traveling because I would have no one to share the experience with. You guys add so much richness to my life, I can never thank you enough!

What’s up next for my travel plans? Well..a visit home to my Italian family is WAY overdue…and depending on work load, I’m going to try to cross another off my bucket list: Patagonia. But that’s far off in the future and dependent on being able to meet Jamie and Kevin during their whirl wind adventure. So we’ll see!

Home sweet home

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