Tuck and Robin Lakes

The Hoods did it again. They took me on a fantastic adventure in the mountains where memories will live forever. It only seemed fitting that this trip was just around the same time that we met 6 years ago in the mountains at Marmot Pass. After years of failed attempts for permits into The Enchantments, …

Thunder Mountain Lakes

Finally, the painstaking wait was over. I was finally out for a weekend with my favorite backpacking group. A year an a half passed before I could be reunited with Jamie, Kevin, and Bill out on the trail, but as soon as we were all packed into the car together, it felt like hardly any …

Teanaway River Valley – Round 1

A wonderful weekend away with some of my favorite people. Car camping at it’s best. Full days of adventure followed with amazing food…what could possibly go wrong?    Crap. Now where do we go?       Like me!

Franklin Falls

This is hardly a hike, but a nice place to take your dog for a walk and getting wet for the day. Two miles roundtrip, near I-90 in Snoqualmie. But I love waterfalls, Zach needs to check off every hike in his book, and here we are at Franklin Falls. Like me!

Rattlesnake Ridge

Just 45 minutes from Seattle, next to Mount Si, Rattlesnake Ridge is probably the next most popular trail. It’s crowded, but there’s a nice view at the top. I prefer my views without the highway or homes, but it’s the outdoors so still enjoyable. Like me!

Snowcamping in Blewett Pass

My first snow camping trip with my favorites. The guys fashioned a contraption to carry wood up using a belt and sled. This was hilarious to watch as we started to hit the trail.   Eventually we made it and set up camp. The weather was perfect and sunny. The snow was powdery and fresh! …

Skyline Lake

One winter day the boys and I decided we needed an adventure. So off we went to Stevens Pass to Skyline Lake. It was only a couple miles and started off relatively steep for snowshoeing, but it was a good workout. There was quite a bit of snow so the Lake just looked like a …