• My first boudoir shoot: Sweet and Sassy Sarah

    I love a new challenge. When Sarah asked me about doing a boudoir shoot for her, I was probably more nervous than she was! Luckily for me, Sarah was the best first boudoir client I could ever hope for. Not only was she beautiful, she has more body confidence than anyone I know. It made …

  • Women & Whiskies: Whiskey 101 with Sara Rosales

    Without Sara Rosales, there is no Radiator Whiskey. I loved Radiator the moment I walked in four years ago, but what kept me coming back was Sara. She is the cocktail queen, as well as an all around badass. I never liked whiskey cocktails until I met Sara and no one makes learning about whiskies as …

  • A Day at Glacier National Park

    Glacier National Park has long been on my list of places to go. With a wedding around the corner at Bigfork, spending the day at Glacier was a no brainer. Unfortunately for us, time was not on our side so I’ll have to hold off on backcountry exploration another time. We decided to spend the …

  • Fête le Market

    Quite possibly my FAVORITE market event so far. A new fundraiser for the Pike Place Foundation…Fête le Market! If I ever could have a wedding in the market, I would do it like this. The umbrellas…the UMBRELLAS!