• Dear Mr. Kelly

    “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” – Edgar Allan Poe I first read this quote 13 years ago, in your Creative Writing class. I don’t remember how it came to be and I didn’t really know what it meant. Eventually I turned around and with glee I said, …

  • 2015…so-o-o-o-o what?

    I usually look forward to my end of the year post. It’s always exciting to review photos and think about all that has happened in the past year, but this year I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired. In fact, looking back at my 2014 year in review, my 2015 looked pretty pale in comparison! To be …

  • Hawaiian Chieftain

    I was never allowed to attend summer camp as a child, and I suppose that what I experienced on Hawaiian Chieftain was just that. In a short period of time, I was transported from shore-life to boat-life, developing strong bonds with crew members through shared experiences, and doing things I never thought I could do. …

  • 60 hours in San Francisco

    Before I embarked on a two week tall ship training program, I spent the weekend with a dear friend of mine in San Francisco. I’ve never been a big fan of California, but then again my only real exposure to it has been Los Angeles (gag) and the Cali transplants that are taking over Seattle. …