• 2017 – Embracing Family & Practicing Love Through Authenticity

    In all the years I’ve been writing these reflections, I usually start writing way in advance to make sure I have everything in here that I want to share. Every picture most come with a post that leads to more photos and stories. These days, I’ve just been going with what I’ve been thinking and …

  • Tuck and Robin Lakes

    The Hoods did it again. They took me on a fantastic adventure in the mountains where memories will live forever. It only seemed fitting that this trip was just around the same time that we met 6 years ago in the mountains at Marmot Pass. After years of failed attempts for permits into The Enchantments, …

  • Musica Distesa 2017

    If there wasn’t enough reason to love La Distesa more than I already do, Musica Distesa was the perfect reminder of what I love to live for. Three glorious days of food, wine, friends, art, and of course: MUSIC. For those who need a little crash course reminder of what Musica Distesa is, it is …

  • 2016 – A year of heart exercise

    Well, it serves me right for complaining that my 2015 felt uneventful during last year’s post. This year has had just as many highs as there has been lows for me. It certainly has been the biggest roller coaster that I am still on and I can’t see the end in sight anytime soon. 2016 …