• Beast Feast: Round 2 and 3

    It’s come to my attention that my first beast feast experience is now a little outdated (the advice has not changed so definitely still refer to it!). Being that it is one of the only articles on my site that consistently still gets views and likes, I feel it’s about time┬áto update the information. I …

  • Seapine Brewing Company

    Last night was spent celebrating the expansion and new home of Seapine Brewery! Congrats to Drew and Adam on the expansion! If you haven’t had a chance yet, visit them at their new location at 2959 Utah Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98134! I’m not usually a fan of saisons, but I do love the Seapine …

  • Mendenhall Glacier

    What’s amazing about Alaska is that glaciers fill your backyard on a regular basis. I mean what do you do with a 2 hour layover in Juneau? Visit a glacier of course. Meet: Mendenhall Glacier. As part of the Tongass National Forest, the far too easy access visitor center is a mecca for tourists during …

  • A Proper King Crab Experience

    I admit, I’m a lazy foodie. When it comes to things like shellfish, I want my food to taste just as amazing and the level of effort it takes to get it (once it gets to my plate). For this reason, while I love crab, I’m always dismayed by the idea of having to crush …