• 2016 – A year of heart exercise

    Well, it serves me right for complaining that my 2015 felt uneventful during last year’s post. This year has had just as many highs as there has been lows for me. It certainly has been the biggest roller coaster that I am still on and I can’t see the end in sight anytime soon. 2016 …

  • My first boudoir shoot: Sweet and Sassy Sarah

    I love a new challenge. When Sarah asked me about doing a boudoir shoot for her, I was probably more nervous than she was! Luckily for me, Sarah was the best first boudoir client I could ever hope for. Not only was she beautiful, she has more body confidence than anyone I know. It made …

  • Women & Whiskies: Whiskey 101 with Sara Rosales

    Without Sara Rosales, there is no Radiator Whiskey. I loved Radiator the moment I walked in four years ago, but what kept me coming back was Sara.¬†She is the cocktail queen, as well as an all around badass. I never liked whiskey cocktails until I met Sara and no one makes learning about whiskies as …

  • A Day at Glacier National Park

    Glacier National Park has long been on my list of places to go. With a wedding around the corner at Bigfork, spending the day at Glacier was a no brainer. Unfortunately for us, time was not on our side so I’ll have to hold off on backcountry exploration another time. We decided to spend the …