• American Whiskey Snobs, Have No Fear, Westland is Here!

    Forgive this naive whiskey lady, but enjoy a personal experience learning about one of Seattle’s fastest growing trends, and believe it or not, it’s NOT BEER. But there is Filson, and you can’t hide from the plaid and beards. Enter…Whiskey. Many of you foodie trendsters may already roll your eyes at this new, but what …

  • 2014 – Taking Chances and Learning to Focus

    What a crazy year it’s been. Once again I’m amazed how many things can happen to you to in a year and how fast relationships can grow and disappear.  I pretty much sucked at blogging this year, and for that, I can terribly sorry, but I am hoping to get caught up over the next week …

  • Sunset Supper 2014

    What an honor it was to be one of the main photographers for one of Pike Place Market’s biggest events of the year! Sunset Supper, is every Seattlite’s foodie dream. For one night, the streets of Pike Place Market close down early and 1,400 people gather to taste some of the market’s staple offerings as …

  • The End is Over – My First Album Art!

    Five years ago we said goodbye to The Senate. What was intended on a one time Senate reunion after 5 years, sold out The Tractor in a couple days, and the guys ended up turning it into a mini reunion, summer tour and all! What fans also didn’t know was the band was planning on releasing another …