Castelluccio, Italy

We stopped by this little town for some exploration, happy hour, and lunch before heading for an incredible hike to Mount Vettore. I’ve never had such a lazy morning/day before a big hike before, but there is a first time for everything. This little town was a bit strange, but cute in it’s own sunny desolate way. It reminded me of what one of the Cinque Terre towns would look like if people only came to visit during the summers and only on the weekends. And if it was located in the middle of a valley. The area is known for growing lentils, and much like the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, the landscape in the spring and early summer is normally covered for miles in flowers. I’m sad we missed it this time around, but would love to do a hike when the flowers are in bloom.

The narrow and windy street paths were empty, the only places with open doors were the restaurants  and except for the living flower pots and laundry drying outside, there were no other signs of permanent life there. We stopped at probably one of two open restaurants and bars for a long lunch.

After the hike, the drive bike was definitely more scenic. The lighting was perfect, and paragliders could be seen. It was hard to get photos since I was sitting in the back seat and shooting through really dirty windows, but I think these came out alrighty!



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