Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Since I referenced the event in my last post, I figured it would be a good opportunity to post some of my favorite Skagit Valley Tulip Festival photos. This festival takes place for a couple weeks in every year in April/May in Mount Vernon, Washington. It’s always been my sign that spring is almost here and usually the first opportunity of the year to sport sundresses. I’ve been going every year since college, and this is the first year I’ve missed it. I love this festival. Traditionally I have always gone with Brandon since he grew up in the area and his mom has a massage therapy office on the street where the actual festival is held. I would suggest biking the fields, as driving is always a nightmare in the area. And I wouldn’t bother going into the gardens where you have to pay unless you are a huge flower nut and like to know which tulip is which. They’re never as fun as finding the random fields, entirely too crowded and over priced. To go around the fields you usually have to pay for a tractor tour, which I guess coul be fun if you have little ones and it’s a bit muddy. But overall I think the best way to do the festival is parking downtown, and taking your bike and biking around to the fields. This festival is full of color and life, but my favorite moments are finding those individual tulips that stand out if you take a moment to notice. While the fields of tulips are beautiful indeed, this event helps represent my philosophy in photography. Making those little moments look extraordinary.

One of my favorite photography moments to this day is capturing a little girl running through the fields of tulips. It was back int he day when all I had was a point n shoot. I wish I had taken the moment to ask the parents for permission to use the photo for contests and what not, because there have been plenty of opportunities where I wanted to submit the photo for something. But I don’t know her name or where she’s from and since she is a minor I don’t think I’m allowed to. If someone else knows any different please let me know. Or if you know who this mystery child is, please let me know, because I have a whole series of photos of unknown children that was inspired by her. And I swear I am not a creeper.


Here are my favorites over the past few years:

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