A Mini-Caravan with Polecat

Nothing will ever replace the spot in my heart from the good ol Handful days…but after befriending the lovely Bellingham-based band, Polecat, I can’t complain. Who doesn’t like hanging out with a bunch of awesome stomping musicians, ferry trippin’ and late night road adventures? I was lucky enough to hang out with the gang for a trip out to Dungeness, WA out on the Peninsula for the first annual Jungible Festival. Music festival that takes place out on a lavender farm? Um – yes please.

The scenery was beautiful, needless to say and for a first annual festival, it was pretty awesome! There was food vendors, crafts, drinks, all peninsula local of course. And the music was great. The weather was nice enough to hold out for us (it was a bit dodgy in the morning).

I spent most of my time laying in the grass listen to music and breathing in the lovely soft lavender breeze. Once in a while catching the guys jamming with other musicians or just hanging out.

Once the show got started though, it didn’t take that long for the crowd to get up off their feet for the first time that day to dance it up!


The Polyrythmics close out the night as the sun sets

It was a wonderful adventure and I hope it’s not the last one! One day…I WILL check off one of the bucket list items… “Photo essay of traveling tour band”.


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