A Gift to Share and Grow

For Easter, Giulia and Giacomo made a sign and gave Lisa and I a special present:

An olive tree for us to plant at La Distesa! I felt like I would burst into tears from this. It was such a cute gesture! So the next day Valeria, Lisa, and I went out to plant the olive tree. Lisa is hoping it will last 700 years…I’m…not so optimistic about that…but one can hope. 🙂

Lisa is HAPPY!

Now that Lisa is around I finally have someone who can take photos of me doing the everyday stuff. She captured a moment where Giulia, Giacomo, and I were in the tree house together. It is the only photo I have of the three of us together and I love it. I can’t wait to frame it.

Photo by Lisa Takata

I love these kids so much, I can’t wait to watch them grow and at the same time, I want them to stay like this forever!


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