Hot Bodies in Motion

Seattle’s music scene is flooded with everyone trying to have their take on the acoustic folk genre. Hot Bodies in Motion is not that. It’s “baby making mammal funk”. I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know the guys since discovering them opening for a band I can’t even remember who I went to go see in late 2010. I remember them mentioning their first CD release show at The Tractor, and knew these guys would be my new favorite band to see. I only fell in love with them more when I got to know them personally over dinner at Casa Que Pasa in Bellingham one summer evening. Seriously the nicest group of guys I have ever met. Hailing from Seattle Pacific University, these boys have had some great accomplishments over the past year including writing a song for Lionsgate films, playing Bumbershoot, and playing with other great artists such as Mudhoney and Allen Stone.

I love these guys so much that after being abroad for a month, I celebrated my return home by going straight from the airport to their concert in Bellingham one night. Jet lag caught up the next day after I nice hike. 🙂 I like to secretly pretend I’m the 5th member of the band, rocking out on my tambourine. I remember the day I read this little tid bit on the story behind “15-8”. I was at work sitting in my little cubicle and listened to the original debut of the song, and I literally teared up at my desk. I’ve heard the song before but knowing the story behind it gave it so much more meaning.

“So I’ll set you free, in hopes that someday you and I would meet
Further down the stream.
What am I to do? When I’ve got dreams, but they all involve you?”

The story and lyrics were so touching I had to text Ben tell him his story made me cry (cause I’m a sappy romantic like that). Of course being the humble person that he is he said my comment meant a lot to him and that he felt weird being so open with his feelings, but we both agreed that is what made music so amazing. Funny story Ben once told me; is that his friends used to make fun of him when he would sing because he was tone deaf. But he loved to sing so much he eventually taught himself how to sing “properly”. Ben has an incredible voice so it seems hard to believe.

Each member of the band has such a great story about themselves, I could talk forever about them. I love these guys so much, I am so excited to see what else they will accomplish.

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