Park Butte

What better way to celebrate a month abroad than seeing my friends play music, followed up with a day hike in the North Cascades? Jet lag doesn’t exist for me! But I do admit, after traveling 26 hours, heading straight to Bellingham to see Hot Bodies in Motion and Allen Stone, staying up late catching up with friends, this beautiful day hike, and dinner…I passed out. I was supposed to make it to the Sounder’s game that night but gave my ticket to a friend and settled for watching the game with Graham on TV. I immediately passed out on the couch. But oh well.

This hike was so amazing, it was exactly what I needed to remind me why I am so proud to call the Pacific Northwest my home. Graham’s mom and I scoped out the blueberries along the beginning of the trail because on the way back we picked quite a few for some TASTY blueberry muffins for breakfast the next day!

Checkin’ out the blueberries…

The hike was beautiful and relatively easy. 7.5 miles round trip with just over 2000 feet elevation gain.  It was a perfect way to ease back into hiking. Saw some marmots, plenty of wildflowers, meadows, and just enjoyed the peaceful views.

It’s the mushroom from Mario! I didn’t know they really existed!

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