Snowcamping in Blewett Pass

My first snow camping trip with my favorites. The guys fashioned a contraption to carry wood up using a belt and sled. This was hilarious to watch as we started to hit the trail.


Eventually we made it and set up camp. The weather was perfect and sunny. The snow was powdery and fresh! I think the guys said hauling the wood up was totally worth it (it definitely was for us girls as we didn’t have to do any of the hauling haha). Nothing like sitting around a campfire with fresh snow slushies made with Baileys! 🙂

The next day we snow shoed around for some views and even got started on Jamie and Kevin’s engagement photos. You can see the rest of them in another blog entry. 🙂

The walk down was the best (for me at least). With an empty sled, I took the opportunity to go for a ride. Totally worth it. Another successful weekend with the gang!

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