Best Job in the World: Taste Master Application

*Update: Well I didn’t make the cut…not surprisingly, but nonetheless dissapointing. I did watch most of the lucky 25 videos that did make it, and to be completely honest, they deserve it. Most of the videos are VERY well done, as well as the applicants being quite qualified! One guy was a finalist that Gordan Ramsey reality show…so kudos and congraduations to them! One thing I am certainly excited about after this experience is that I’ve gaine da few new blog subscribers from the exposure, and this project has inspired me to make a new video. One that I can be really proud of that will showcase my professional talents to help me in my job search when I do get home. So look forward to that. I’m sure that Brandon and I will come up with something awesome. Thanks for the well wishes and happy vibes!!

Well..t-minus 15 hours until the applications for Western Australia’s Best Job in the World competition closes. If you haven’t heard, Australia is offering six dream jobs for a 6 month stint, with a contract worth $100,000. I usually steer clear of these sort of things, as they are usually popularity based. Such as, who has the most likes or shares, or what not. But when Brandon told me that all you have to do is submit a short video and the rest is up to them, I figured, why not? I couldn’t possibly pass up a chance at one of these jobs. It actually seemed like a genuine job application process, instead of a popularity/marketing contest.

Needless to say, I chose to apply for the Taste Master position. While I am sure I would’ve loved any of the jobs posted, the Taste Master is the one that suits me best. After all,  traveling long-term as I am now, making food everywhere I go…all began when I started blogging 5 years ago when I tried to learn how to make wine. Then my food blog just spiraled into restaurant critiques  cooking adventures, etc, in an attempt to follow a distant dream of being the next Iron Chef Judge or something. But it all starts somewhere right? Nothing says I’m a serious Taste Master than quitting my permanent government job to pursue a non-paid life in food right?

I recently watched a short video of the last winner of the competition testing out the Taste Master job…my jaw dropped. This job is MADE for me. But most of you know that already. I really could go on and on about how much I want this job or how I’m perfect for it, but so are most of the people that are applying I think. So I’ll shut up instead and you can watch my video.

I originally had thought of some unique visual ways to share my application, including filming at the local markets here, and in the back kitchen at Maiale Volante, and working in the vineyard…but when I realized that we were limited to 30 seconds…I realized I couldn’t include all of these things and get through my qualifications. I also read an article that there had already been 67,000 applications received for the Taste Master position alone…and there was still two weeks left till deadline. I figured…ok there are going to be some AMAZING videos, and amazingly qualified people (like this guy, Josh Garcia), so I just accepted the fact that I probably won’t win, and I would have fun with the video however I could without growing grey hairs over it. I was already growing grey hairs just brainstorming!

Since we were limited to 30 seconds, I apologize in advance for sounding like I am on crack (there’s not room for breathing apparently). There was just so much I wanted to say…and so little time. And while I would have LOVED to have other video clips of me doing cool things…traveling alone has made it harder to capture those moments or film new ones. Also, I didn’t have access to anything like Final cut pro, so I was stuck with Windows Movie maker. Quite possibly the most useless video editing software ever. It works like powerpoint but without the fancy templates. Major kudos to Brandon for the job tip and the inspiration. You should watch his Rapplication video for the Taste Master after mine. I love it. I wish I was that genius.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Brandon’s Rapplication…SO AWESOME.

If you loved Brandon’s video, and are from Bellingham, you will LOVE this other video he made. It was so genius, I couldn’t stop laughing. So proud to call this guy my best friend. Love him to death.

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