Wine festival day 3

Giovanni’s friends from Milan came down so this day was really fun. It was nice to itneract with fresh new faces. Plus they were SO nice! They all had some understanding of english. Some spoke better english than others but they were all so sweet! Here we are on the porch in the morning. We were all hiding in the shade because it was so hot out! This photo is courtesy of Daniela (pictured in the blue top sitting on the yellow box. Then we enjoyed a little parade through the center. These girls are so cute. One of my favorites from the trip. Crazy tambourine guy! Then we waited for the grape stomping competition. Basically pro stompers come and press as many grapes as they can by feet and win! It looked like so much fun I told Giovanni I wanted to do it. But apparently you have to be super special. It looked like hard word! They mustve been pressing for 20 minutes or something. In the evening while Giovanni and Lisa went to their fancy tasting again, Giovanni’s friends and I spent some good quality time together. We went to another tasting that Corrado got us tickets for. It was in a beautiful stone building. I sampled the red wine with some salami platter. The others tried the dessert wine. And if I had known it was going to be presented so fancy, I would’ve ordered that too! Apparently the flower inside was soaked in some sort of sweetness. I guessed simple syrup, and they were encouraged to eat the flower…apparently wasn’t that bad…Our server was delightful and even brought us some extra tasty treats. Italian people are just so amazing. I love the body language and the use of hands. I’ve noticed I use my hands a lot more when I’m talking here. So on into the night we adventured. My new friends Roberto and Stefania had some great times laughing and teaching each other the other language. Even though we couldn’t understand eachother half the time it was still hilarious. I loved their sense of humor. They kept teaching me all the slang/bad words in italian. It was hilarious. The opener, Bandabardo, go the crowd moving. This great video shows how crazy the place was. The headliner tonight (A band called Rio) was alright…some songs I liked, others I really didn’t like at all. And then what was most strangely ironic is that after the concert was over, the background music was “That’s amore“…I laughed so hard because that was the last song I expected to hear in Italy. It was just so stereotypical Italy! The second part that was entertaining was a very drunk girl came up to Giovanni and I singing “That’s Amore!” very loudly and was pushing us together. I cracked up. Last topper of the night was what I think was a bachelorette party moving through the crowd. Note the phalic balloon near the stage: The best part of the night I didn’t even photograph….blame my inability to do any night time photography. We all came back to the house around 3 a.m. and since the music was still going, we just grabbed some bottles of wine that were left over from the fancy tasting Giovanni and Lisa were at and grabbed chairs and sat on the patio. The sky was crystal clear and you could see stars forever stretching over the valley. It was quite the sight. We even managed to scrounge up some energy for random patio dancing. My favorite memory from the trip. That’s all I need. Good people and beautiful scenery.

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