Sailing to Victoria

It was only fitting that my last weekend in Seattle before my big trip involved an international sailing trip. Since I was hosting a goodbye BBQ I couldn’t make the first leg from Seattle to Port Townsend, but meeting the crew in Port Townsend early in the morning was easy.


I forgot my camera this time so you’ll get to enjoy photos from Christina Strand and Steve Vesbach! Or scroll down and watch a ridiculously long but awesome video.


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Sailing into Victoria from the mast with a GoPro on my head was certainly a first…being left up there while we went through customs was comical to say the least. The dance parties were incredible with this crew. Boat and dancing should always be a thing together. Watching orcas sail with us while the sun set and I was making dinner on the boat…INCREDIBLE.


Thanks to the crew, and our skipper Wes for guiding us safely though the strait! Between all of us taking turns with the GoPro, this video turned out awesome. Thanks for finally putting it together Wes…it’s hilariously awesome and encompasses our trip to a T.

Easter Sailing Trip from Wes Clanton on Vimeo.

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