Nanaimo, Canada

With a wonky birthday week, Chris wanted to take me somewhere. I was secretly hoping for a trip to Harry Potter Land, but Chris said I’m on my own for that. Haha. Ok fair enough. So we ended up in Nanaimo, Canada!

I have never even heard of Nanaimo before, but it’s a cute little city on the north side of Vancouver Island. We took a seaplane in and stayed in this amazing tiny home right on the the beach of Protection Island. The islanders use little golf carts to get around, it’s amazing.

View of Nanaimo from Protection Island

Chris chartered this amazing catamaran with the ever hilarious Captain Hans. He was my absolute favorite. Unfortunately for us, there wasn’t much wind so we mostly just cruised and motored with the mainsail. But the company was great and it was a wonderful 3 hour sail.


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