Portraits of Jaipur

Tina and I have been fretting about what to wear to this Indian wedding of a friend of a friend of her’s. So we mostly spent our only free day in Jaipur shopping/bargaining/hunting in the markets. Tina got a whole new custom tailored outfit while I was still trying to piece together my sari. haha.


This guy above on the left owns this tailor shop. This kid to the right of him tailored some embellishments i picked up for my blouse with my sari. Nice folk. Don’t worry you’ll get photos of us in our outfits when we go to the wedding tomorrow!

Tina flirting. Not really but I bet those guys think she is. Look at how damn happy she makes them.

While we were exploring “The Pink City”, I found myself taking lots of portraits. So hope you enjoy.


This guy above was funny. He really wanted Tina to take a photo of him. So I stole a couple as well.

Tina and I are staying in what feels like the auto central hub of Jaipur. Every other shop is either a food stand or an automobile type shop. It was kind of random, dirty, and interesting.

On my way home I was constantly stopped and asked to take a photo of the people. This was interesting for me because I prefer to shoot in a more photojournalist kind of style. I don’t like posed portraits usually and try to capture people when they are in their most natural state. But for being posed, I really liked how all of these came out. Especially the one of the woman on the stairs with who I assume are her children. Maybe they are her nephews. Who knows.

These girls hollered and flagged me down from above.

This kid chased me down on his bike and followed me around for a bit.

This woman waved me over from half a block away and asked me to take a photo of her and these children.


This kid was shy. It was cute. His dad or whoever that guy is was not.

This guy REALLY wanted me to take a photo of him and his chickens….

A lovely way to end the day.


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