George and Gumbo Visit Ireland

My two favorite traveling men could not make it to Ireland with me. However, Brandon gave me George, a lovable gorilla who keeps me company when Brandon is away (we live in different cities). Graham brought me back my very own koala as promised from Australia. Which we both decided to name Gumbo. I wanted them to be there in spirit so I brought these two on a whirlwind trip around Ireland. Here are their highlights:

George and Gumbo at the Cliffs of Mohr in Doolin, Ireland

George and Gumbo in Cork, Ireland

George and Gumbo with the sunset in Dingle, Ireland

George and Gumbo near Slea Head, Dingle Peninsula, IrelandGeorge and Gumbo enjoy a pint at the Guinness Factory in Dublin, Ireland

George and Gumbo at the top of the Guinness Factory in Dublin, Ireland



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