The Big 4-0

Corrado and Valeria turned 40 this year. Valeria turns 40 in October, but they decided to celebrate together this year. Nothing shows how well this couple is loved more than the people that were in attendance. Gifts ranged from hand crafted pieces to weekend getaways. They decided to celebrate their big bash with live music courtesy of Corrado’s brother Giulianno and his friends. After helping Valeria prepare pasta salad and sandwiches all day, it was finally time to break out the wine! It was so great to see all of their friends, many of them who I already knew, and was able to catch up with since most of them hadn’t seen me in at least two months. The band played a rocking good show. Everything from Ben Harper, The Doors, and I think I might have even heard Weezer, it was an amazing evening for all. Despite the nasty cold I was trying to shake from London, I sucked it up to dance with the band.

I admire Valeria and Corrado for so many reasons it’s hard to even know where to begin. Such a genuine couple who have completely changed my life. I wouldn’t even be close to where I am now if it weren’t for them. And while my time with them is starting to come to a close for now, I learning everything I can from them an enjoying every moment and memory.

The day after the party we had a very long Italian lunch. By the time we left the restaurant it was after 4 p.m. Some straggler musicians gathered together on the patio for a random jam session. This was easily the highlight of the day for me (besides the duck ragu I had earlier) because what started with some cool country blues ended with a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Bad”. As you can see below, the audio is quite terrible, but the memories are still the same. To save you some time, the best part of both videos is the last 30 seconds of the second video.

The best one:

Happy Birthday you crazy kids! Thanks for being everything that you are and I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness and memories to continue on your journey in life.

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