Moisture Festival 2018

Another year, another incredible Moisture Festival! I’ve been doing this so many years now I might just make a book soon!


Capturing all of the shenanigans backstage and small details and moments is my favorite part of the festival and I don’t take it for granted! Meeting performers of all ages and walks of life and being witness to this beautiful community is just absolutely amazing. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to capture these moments and I’m honored these artist allow me into their world!

On stage.

Behind stage.


Being backstage doesn’t mean you stop striking poses.



Best part of volunteering is having an excuse to dress up!



Ok back to the people who actually matter 🙂

There were so many new performers that I completely fell in love with. One of my favorite artists this year was Hacki & Moeppi. An INCREDIBLE father son clown duo from Germany. I saw their act so many times and every time I laughed even harder. Off stage was even better, I was basically in tears these guys were just amazing. Creative, emotional, comical, talented, and did their tricks with such ease, you could hardly believe it.


They did an amazing act with Tom Noddy (the bubble guy!) Just watch this series below of smoke bubbles that glide from one end to another!

Then they made a hole in a giant bubble and stuck their hand through it!

And then of course..the backstage candids:


Another one of my favorites was Pam Severns. She specialized in puppets and she had the crowd roaring with her hand puppets! She worked with Jim Henson and had a timeless essence about her.

Oh the feelings!


Everyone loves Godfrey! Especially mama!


This all star toga crew…

Yup. Welcome to Moisture Festival.


I don’t know whats happening here but it’s awesome.











Little did I know this would be my last Moisture Festival with Mr. Erik Brown. RIP Erik.


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