Burt and Alicia

This was a special day. Unfortunately, it came to be under some sad circumstances. My dear friend Alicia’s dog Burt, was diagnosed with a fast progressing cancer. He would soon have one of his legs amputated and Alicia realized she didn’t have many photos of Burt running around and being, well, Burt. So we spent an afternoon at Seward Park to capture Burt and Alicia’s relationship and I was really pleased with the photos. I think Alicia was too. Burt passed away several months after this shoot (July 2011), but he was a very happy dog who was very loved by everyone. We miss you Burt!

I love this next series of Alicia trying to get Burt to do something. He clearly doesn’t care, and Alicia gives up. Burt wins. A classic example of their relationship.



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