Patrick Files

If you don’t know his name yet, you will soon. Or sometime in your life. One of my most dearest friends…Patrick Files…he dabbles in his solo art in his spare time when he’s not busy keeping The Sloop or Leny’s Place in tip top shape. A incredibly gifted musician…drummer/guitarist/bassist/banjo-ist? Song writing comes easy to him and I love him with so much of my heart. He helped inspire me to be more musically creative, and one of the very few people I feel comfortable singing/playing with. People probably know him best from Handful of Luvin’, but I’m looking forward to hearing more solo stuff from him.

Pat’s Birthday Song for me August 2011 at Golden Gardens.

Here’s a clip from one of my favorite songs from him: The Oregon Country Fair (OCF!) Tyler Carson accompanies him on the fiddle here as well. I’m so lucky to know such great musicians in my life.

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