How to make wine (Part 2: Secondary Fermentation)

So after a week, we (minus Meghan because she’s too busy getting sunburned in New Zealand – plus my friend Sam, who was visiting from Texas) checked the wine to make sure it had reached the correct gravity. Opening the container was an interesting experience…it didn’t smell fantastic, but at least we knew the yeast was working!

All we had to do now was transfer the juice into the carboy (giant glass jug). But…that wasn’t that easy for me. Sucking the half way fermented juice through a tube wasn’t exactly appealing.

Luckily for me, Troy knew what he was doing so he finally got things moving.

Once the jug was filled, we added the bung (basically a large cork with a plastic thin on top that keeps air out). And we’ll wait another 10 days. Unfortunately, we seemed to have lost the top that goes to the bung…but we found something that kind of works. So we’ll see…

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