Funny Pike Place story

So my friend Margi works for this fancy advertising agency. One of their clients is Pike Place Market. One day she showed them this:

Then they asked me to be a model for Farm Days. I literally could not stop laughing when I heard this. Modeling is not my thing and I’m terrible at it. But I did it for Margi because I like her and it’s not like it would cost me anything. Plus it did sound kind of neat.

So after our shoot, the illustrator made this:

I thought it looked pretty neat as a first sketch. And then here is the final version:

Apparently they went with a “subtle smile” instead and I am still all smiley in my eyes so hence why it actually doesn’t look like me at all. But….if you’re walking along Pike, you can see it hanging it up like this:

Yup yup…that’s me…haha. I haven’t seen it yet but hope to soon. It’s a pretty funny story.

*EDIT* Found the flag!

*All images used in this post is copyrighted to Copacino + Fujikado LLC except for the first one of me with the pumpkin and the last one of the flag. My mom took that one. 🙂

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