• 2018 – A Year of Self-Love

    As 2018 comes to an end, I feel as if I’m standing on the edge of so many new beginnings and dreams. It’s hard to even think about what’s happened over the last year to re-share because I am so excited for whats to come. But 2018 was incredible. Through practice, patience, and a whole …

  • Happy Fair – OCF 2018

    After years of feeling conflicted about choosing between Raceweek and Oregon Country Fair, this year’s decision was much easier when Elusive decided not to participate in Raceweek (at first). I could finally return home! It has been 7 years since I was last at the fair. There was a lot of change regarding camping at …

  • Banks Lake 2018

    Of all the magical things that happened over the summer, none was as magical as this weekend. For me, this was the official start to summer. To think I almost didn’t go on this trip because of so many silly reasons, but none of them matter because I made it. It ended up just being …

  • The Enchantments

    I did it! I finally made it to the coveted enchantments! Despite years of lottery entries, I’ve never received a permit, but I was one lucky duck when Kelli ended up with last minute permits for camping in the core! Unfortunately for me, I could only go one night, but it was still absolutely amazing. …