Winter in Italia

Brr. It is flat out cold here these days. Ironically enough, it seemed warmer in the Himalayas than it has been here, in Cupramontana. With the steep and rolling hillsides, it’s been interesting to see the diverse climates around the lands.

Our work varies depending on the weather, but we’ve mostly been finishing the winter pruning. This involves wrestling with long stubborn dying grapevines, which always ends at some point with a whip in the face by an unforgiving branch. I think I find the winters here the most beautiful time of the year. Despite the grey and cold weather, seeing the snowy hilltops fade into a luscious green is amazing.


My first day back was mostly filled with soup, sleep, tortellini, and more sleeping. I took the longest hot shower of my life and embraced my pillow and clean sheets like nothing. It’s pathetic really that I was only away from these comforts for such a short period of time, but nonetheless coming back to them has been incredibly relieving. Actually, when I had my layover in Moscow and went to use the toilet, I remember walking in and stopping at the door. I actually let a huge sigh of relief out. The pristine, white, open space, and stalls with western toilets…thank the lord. I think I might’ve said a prayer back then as well. I’ve never been so relieved walking into a toilet before actually using the facilities before. Visiting developing countries make you do that you know.

For my second day, Luigi took Lisa and I on an adventure. (Oh yeah, Lisa, from my first harvest is back here as well so it’s been really fun catching up and sharing more memories with each other!) We visited Ca’Liptra and spontaneously adventured to Monte San Vicino. Just 40 minutes away we found people sledding in the sunshine. We did some exploring…climbed a random hillside that we thought would lead to something but it seemed to go on forever. The snow was incredible though. It was so dry, it crumbled/disintegrated in our hands, making it impossible to make snowballs. I’ve never experienced snow like that before. So fluffy an white. The hillside was completely untouched so of course we had to mess it up a little.

And like any Italian adventure, we stopped for some food. We had hoped to make it to the top of San Vicino, but by the time we left the restaurant, what felt like a blizzard had consumed us. So we quickly got out of there… only to find after a five minute drive, we reached blue skies and sunshine again. The weather here is incredible.

Bonnie came to visit me for a weekend which was nice so we had some good food and exploration adventures. These days I’m not doing much but playing some guitar, applying for jobs, and enjoying what time I have left in Italia.

I have loved seeing Giacomo and Giulia again…they’re growing up so fast and my heart aches with all the sweetness they have to share! I just love them so much!! I’ve only just arrived and can already see home on the horizon. But who knows..plenty of time between then and now, and who knows what will happen. 🙂

Lisa in the snow

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