Wine festival day 4

Closing day. We were all a bit tired. I slept pretty awful because I switched rooms and the music went all night and then the cleaning began and the garbage trucks and the beeping and then the band practice across the street and then the band playing in a parade…I gave up on trying to sleep. After a tasty breakfast ommlette with onions, proscuitto, mushrooms, rosemary and swiss…I took a nap. Eventually got up again just in time for the parade! What is funny about this parade is that it seemed ot me it was a parade just for 20 and 30-year-olds to build floats and party. Because that’s exactly what they did. This float was pretty cool….they made a giant christmas tree out of grapes! Here are some of the others… They love to share wine. After the parade what did we do? Drink more wine. Corrado told everyone to make a serious face for this photo but apparently only Lisa followed through: This one is great. I just love the natural moment this represents. We spent so much time laughing together. This photo is just classic. Eventually hte floats came around again after they were awarded…guess who won? hahaha. I also love this photo below of Corrado cheers-ing to the floats. Overall it was a much more chill evening…followed with fireworks during the closing ceremony. But not before I had the most AMAZING tortellini of my life. I must recreate this.. Cream, sausage and peas. So simple. I think of it like the Italian’s version of America’s Mac and Cheese. Giovanni told me it was really easy to make. So I thought of easy mac. So simple and so tasty! 🙂

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