Wine Festival day 2

My first morning in Daniela’s house was wonderful. Being an early riser, I was up and about around 8…I grabbed the guitar I saw in the rec room and brought it onto the patio. I haven’t played in weeks so it felt really good to find something to strum. I’m not very good, so it was hard for me to tune it by ear. Plus half of the strings on the classical guitar were steel which was odd. I guess Hillary heard me at some point in the morning because she snapped this great photo from her window above. It was such an incredible feeling to be sitting there in the morning sun looking at the surrounding hillsides. This is the view from Daniela’s house: Simply amazing. Just waking up to this alone was breathtaking. Add in strumming the guitar, and I am in heaven. It got pretty warm though so eventually I moved inside.

Giovanni made us a tasty fresh lunch that consisted of a tomato and bell pepper salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar served with piccorino cheese, fresh buffalo mozzarella, and bread. It was tasty! We kept the day pretty chill. Just walked around a bit, came back for naps, and headed out again. Lisa and Giovanni went to a special wine tasting. We didn’t go because it was all in Italian and super technical. Here is a video of the tasting, Corrado starts talking about a minute into it. SO GREAT. You can see Lisa at 5:06 and Giovanni at 5:23! While I would’ve loved to observe the tasting, it sounded way above my head. Got some more stuffed olives… Valeria, Hillary and I walked around and waited for Lisa and Giovanni over some wine. Eventually they finally got out, and we enjoyed some tasty dinner at the seafood stand! I got the seafood pasta. Prawns, mussels, and tastiness! Giovanni got the seafood soup. Which was amazing. It was a tomato based soup and had fish, clams, mussels, prawns, everything. Valeria got the fish salad which was not as fishy as I thought it would be. It was actually pretty tasty. Tasted more like scallops with a light vinegar sauce to me. The concert this time was a little more enjoyable. Some sort of alternative reggae sort of group. They were fun for about 2 or 3 songs. Then it got kind of old in my opinion. But they had some great energy and the crowd loved them. As you can see in this video I found taken that night. I think the highlight for me was watching the crowd. People don’t raise glasses here. They raise their bottles. It was hilarious.

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