Reunited and it feels so good! – Minus the Pickled Egg

Once again, I spent an evening realizing how incredibly lucky I am to have met some amazing people during my time abroad. Steve and Dan took time out of their very busy schedules to meet with Tim and I. They say it’s because my arrival gave them an excuse to get together, but either way I was excited to see them again. When Dan, Tim and I met last time I was in London we could definitely feel that we were missing a bit of zany energy from Steve. This time we had everyone together (Team STD according to Tim).

One of the great things I’ve come to appreciate is witty British banter. I find it so entertaining to watch these guys share their hilarious recent stories, which always moves into more inappropriate conversations (making everyone around us uncomfortable), to philosophical life advice, and then back to just plain bullshitting around, incorporating any inside jokes that may have come to life that evening.

I also ate a pickled egg. I thought I’d include it in an entry called “Shit Tim Eats”, but since it occurred with these guys.. who all also ate the egg…which reminds me, I need to gather those photos somewhere…A salted pickle is apparently a very British pub snack (According to Tim). I knew this would be bad news bears when I ordered it at the bar and the bartender just stood there confused for a moment. So either she had to decipher my American accent or she was wondering why the hell this American was ordering a pickled egg. Like the Scotch Egg experiment, Tim wanted to document my reaction. Here it goes:

 In it goes…

 Yeah…already starting to regret this…

Yeah….DEFINITELY regretting this…

A pickled egg is basically a hard boiled egg cured in vinegar  salt, and sugar. And whatever sort of “flavors” you want to go with. I went with the ginger flavored one. Ginger is a nice flavor right? Wrong. The ginger didn’t help. The white of the egg is soaked in brine and transforms it into this awful rubbery texture. Luckily for me the guys joined in on the misery to try the egg. Just like our chili pepper bonding! I think Steve also started having flashbacks of his lemon eating incident. My advice…you can go through life without eating a pickled egg…it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever eaten…but it wasn’t exactly fine dining either. Good times.

Love these guys! Thanks for the photos Tim!

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