My First Italian Brunch

Luisa, one of Valeria’s friends invited us to her home for brunch today. Luisa has a BEAUTIFUL Italian home. It seems I feel this way about all Italian homes, but hers really is gorgeous and something I can imagine living in. She is a retired artist and every square inch of her home is painted with a mural of some type. Inside her home is a collection of refurbished furniture, antique music pieces, and plenty of entertaining space. You can watch a brief tour of part of her home here:

I can’t get over how long we were eating for! We arrived at 10 a.m. and had breakfast until about 12:30 and then lunch was served shortly after. There was a brief moment of reprieve from the food but then the desserts/coffee/tea came…We left at 5 and I came home and passed out for a couple hours and don’t plan on eating dinner. Valeria and I had some healthy fennel tea in hopes we can detox tomorrow. But I know that won’t really happen…I know I’ll be hungry by lunch. 🙂 Anyway, enjoy the slideshow of food…hoping to get some recipes from her friends to post about them.

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