La Verticale di Gli Eremi (2000-2010) – Tasting 11 Years of Vintage


This was such a magical afternoon. What a priviledge it was to be a part of Corrado’s verticale tasting of his Gli Eremi. We tasted the past 11 years of his Gli Eremi starting from 2000, his very first wine. I’m not a sommelier by any means, and I was too busy taking photos to really have my full attention to what Corrado was saying. But it was amazing to sample a single wine for every vintage the past 11 years. Each was much different than the one previous. Corrado recently recieved an award by Gamberro Rosso, Italy’s wine bible for his 2009 Gli Eremi. However, his favorite vintage is 2004. Mine was 2006. It was not as acidic in my opinion, making it little more subtle but still had a great complex flavor. I was so excited and having so much fun taking photos it was hard to really pay attention to the wines. Working a tiny room with a 50mm lens was difficult, but I think some of my favorite wine photos came out of this afternoon.

Ever since last year when I first saw Corrado testing his wines through each stage, I have always envisioned a photo that would capture him completely. However, because I’m working most of the time, I don’t have my camera to capture the perfect moment or Corrado usually walks away out of the shot or into another room. What I will remember most about the cellar is Corrado smelling a sample of wine from a glass and standing either in the doorway or just inside. He’s slightly back lit and I always thought the lighting would set the mood perfectly. However this day, I think I captured what I have always wanted, just in another location. Corrado is standng here in the hallway of the B&B, but his stance is perfect. A typical Corrado moment and I think I might be satisfied with it. Enjoy the slideshow, but for a quick peak, the ones below were my favorites.

One of the best husband and wife teams

I love this because it looks set up, but I found it sitting here perfectly.


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