Fano, Italy

Nothing like taking a weekend to go to the coast. Especially to reunite with some old friends!

Giovanni and I took off late Friday night and enjoyed a slow night of gelato and the beach. Late that night we met with Roberto, Stefania, and a new friend Teresa. We stayed at Roberto’s family’s house in San Giorgo di Pesaro. We got an early start to the beach Saturday morning in a little area just south of the Fano called Torette..good times. The beach was nice and sandy. I had my first Italian pizza..but I was so excited I ate it before taking a photo…

That night we headed inland to an area called¬†Acqualagna. It’s well known for their truffles so we stopped for a truffle feast.

A late night with some new friends, we enjoyed some more beach time Sunday morning before heading back for a small open cellar tour.

Basically it was a weekend of ocean, food, wine, and friends. Oh Italia…


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