Dining with Gulcan

What a treat it has been to dine with such a grand cook. Gulcan’s home cooking is fantastic. The kitchen is a crazy place to be right before dinner, but in the end, the final product is totally worth it. I wish I had more, because there has been some other dishes that I LOVE, but I usually devour it before I get a chance to take a photo or I’m too busy running around the kitchen to stop and take a photo.  Also, unfortunately Gulcan doesn’t really have any names for her dishes…she just makes them up. Here are some of the latest dishes Gulcan has been cooking up at FCI:

Creamy Lentil Soup

Roasted beef, peppers, onions and tomatoes

Andus has finally returned from Germany to join us for a family dinner. And sometimes Unal can make himself useful in the kitchen as well.

Roasting egglants on the stove

Another amazing beef stew like dish..has more of a spicy chipotle type flavor.

The bottom part is the roasted eggplants mixed with butter, flour, milk. Beef stew mixture on top.

Of course no kitchen clean up is complete without a Turkish Dance party! Photo courtesy of our other volunteer Jorn Asseberg.


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