Dingle, Ireland

On the bus ride to Dingle. Ireland really is green!

Dingle cheap nba jerseys is hands down my favorite part of Ireland. It is where I could imagine myself running away to and living. I remember pulling into town on our bus. Much much smaller than Ozette/Cape Cork, this fishing community was pretty quiet. We checked into our bed and breakfast at Murphy’s pub for the first night and went out exploring.

I had read about a place in Rick Steve’s Ireland book that was a bed and breakfast and a Gelesen bike rental place. So we stopped by at COUNTERS Eileen’s and was greeted by Eileen herself. She has got to be the cutest Irish woman I have ever met. She was out of bikes but convinced us to stay with her for the remainder of our days there. She gave us a great deal and promised us a hot traditional irish breakfast every morning.

After enjoying a beautiful sunset we checked out 10/9/15 some traditional irish music. Turns out every pub in town had live Ireland music every night. So 給予幸福的人 we were in for a great treat. We also had our first taste of Pear Cider and met a couple from the states. One was a bar owner and was very generous, buying us drinks.

We also discovered the most amazing Belleville late night food. Fries with in curry sauce. You can check out the separate wholesale nfl jerseys Ireland food entry here.

Below are photos from around town. We did explore the peninsula by bike, which was by far the best part of the trip. So you can check those photos here.

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