Day 16: Bottling

I finally felt like I was coming around when we started bottling today. We harvested, we pressed, we analyzed, we moved wine, we bottled, labeled, boxed, and shipped the wine out! The only thing I felt like I was missing was pruning the vines and weeding! But there’s always a chance I could come back in the spring for that… 🙂
It was an easier day than our other days, but the highlight for me was watching Corrado at work. He produces about 12,000 a year, and he actually sits there and bottles them himself! I cleaned the bottles, he bottled the wine, Lisa corked the bottles, and Hillary and Giovanni stored the bottles away. Here is a photo courtesy of Hillary of us working:We were definitely in a groove once Corrado brought out his ancient Mac computer. The thing had kid pix on it! I just had to take a photo.

Talk about adding the personal touch, he literally touches every bottle of his wine!

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