It was a very merry Irish/English/Thai Christmas

Before Nathan and I even set food in Thailand we only knew where we were staying to square our visas away in Bangkok and we had a beach front bungalow booked up for Christmas in the northwest corner of an island called Koh Samui.

Our sweet little bungalow wasn’t really in as much of a quiet location as I had hoped, but it was just fine. Can’t really go wrong for a clean cheap water front piece of housing! After flying in from Chiang Mai, shuffled onto a minibus, and dropped off at the wrong location, I finally found my way to the beach. Once I was properly fueled up, I proceeded to decorate my first Christmas hammock. We couldn’t find a proper tree that wasn’t 50 feet tall, so I decided to decorate the hammock. It was quite nice actually.


The best part of the whole stay probably was the first night. For Christmas eve, David and Janet (guesthouse owners) held a beach bbq (with proper english dishes), had some live music, and even a (slightly worrisome) homemade fireworks show over the water. I enjoyed the fire dancers best. With English and Irish hosts and thai neighbors, once the live music was over, the karaoke began. This was rather entertaining for both of us as we weren’t really sure what to think about it. But Nathan got his Elvis and Johnny Cash on and I only wish I had videos to show you all. Although, I do (not so secretly) have a video of him dancing and singing to “The Bear Necessities”…we’ll see when/if that ever makes an internet debut. 🙂 But for now, here is a Merry Christmas photo from Nathan, the Paddy, me and a sleepy dog.

Photo credit: Nathan Anderson

When the lights are low and everyone else has gone home…the irish christmas songs come out…


I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. It is my first away from home and I feel like Christmas never really came. It was great watching the build up in Italy and London, but once I reached tropical temperatures, all of that went out the window. I certainly miss Jake and Mink in Pai…but someday…


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