Bye Bye Wine

I forgot to mention that Hillary left yesterday morning. It’s been a nice reprieve for me so far…after living by yourself for 2 years, having a roommate that you also work with was overwhelming for me. I sorted my belongings and finally really feel officially settled in my apartment. I’m also really excited to start focusing more on learning Italian. Without Hillary to converse with, I think I will be able to concentrate better.

On Hillary’s last working day at La Distesa, we watched a delivery truck come take a pallet of our wine away. I say our wine because it really is our wine! Hillary, Lisa, and I harvested the grapes to make the Terre Sivate Vintage 2011. We harvested the grapes, we pressed the grapes (sometimes with our bare hands), and we tested the wine, we bottled the wine, we labeled the wine, and we boxed the wine. Finally seeing it being sent off was bittersweet for me. Of course I am very happy that Corrado is making some money, but I felt like a part of me was leaving with it. I worked so hard for this wine, it’s like watching someone graduate. So proud of the product you helped cultivate, and yet it feels slightly hard to let go.

The extra exciting part was that the wine was being shipped off to Copenhagen. Now I just want to go to Copenhagen to order the wine just so I can say “Yeah I helped make this!”.

I was sad to see the wine go, but I am also so excited for Corrado. It must feel so good for him to have this physical product he worked so hard to make to share with people. Now to finish the rest, and make a new batch of wine come fall!

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