A Day on Brick Lane

After a lazy morning of lounging, piano, and tea…I was definitely in the mood for some vintage shopping.

Tim and my other friends raved about the vintage shopping in London, so I was stoked. I wasn’t planning on getting anything other than a birthday gift for Valeria…but little did I know…

Tim told me that Brick Lane has the best vintage shopping. It was located “off the grid” of my central London map, but I felt pretty confident I could find it. And if not, I was looking forward to some other adventure instead.

Before I even got near Brick Lane, I was immediately distracted by Spitalfields Market. Beautiful outdoor atrium with restaurants, shops, and in the distance I could see the white tents of market vendors. MY FAVORITE. I started making my way over, before I was quickly diverted by pastels, a decorated vintage car, and flowery store (Free People) that is basically the equivalent to Anthropologie back home. I may or may not have walked out of that store with two new dresses in hand….

Finally made it to the vendors…I was overjoyed. After what I really can only describe as euro-trash fashion through most of Italy, I was ecstatic to be in love with London’s fashion. I’m not even a fashiony type girl, but it must’ve been being deprived of these sort of things that I was used to having at home that got me so excited. Somehow I had the self control to not buy anything since I was eager to get over to Brick Lane.

When I finally arrived at Brick Lane, I couldn’t help but feel giddy inside. Bursting a big smile, I glanced up and down the road. Brick buildings, street food, and little alley ways this way and that with signs everywhere pointing towards vintage sales. It was a rainy afternoon well spent exploring and searching for some great vintage finds. Overall I found that London’s vintage is geared more toward’s 80’s fashion, but there were some great items. Nothing at a steal of a deal though, especially when calculating the pound-US dollar conversion. But I did find a few unique items.

Random little basement vintage shop. Most sellers didn’t allow photography so sorry, you get a picture of the aisle way from my terrible phone.

My favorite shop was a place called The Laden Showroom. For Seattle girls, think of a store like Velouria but about six times bigger. The price range varies from 15 pound shirts to a couple hundred pound jackets/dresses. I am such a sucker for independent fashion designers. If I’m going to buy any new clothes, it’s nice knowing you’re supporting local artists and getting a unique item. Some items are hand made, others are designed and then produced in small local factories. I found a decently priced gorgeous red canvas dress (with pockets!) that was on sale so that along with a few other accessories were purchased.

Other highlights of the day included trying a hot salt beef beigel for the first time, having a necklace hand crafted for me while I waited, and perusing through a million records. All in all, a wonderful, but very expensive afternoon in London.

A collection of the day’s purchases




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