Break Away

So here I am, back in England. Long story short, my visa was expiring, work at La Distesa was winding down, and it was probably time for me to really get some real traveling done and living out of my backpack.

I spent the night in the airport and when the TV monitors were finally turned on, I managed to decipher some great news. That Obama had been relected. For once, I wasn’t hesitant to tell people when I was traveling that I was American. I felt that somehow, our image had been slightly improved after past fiascos. When I arrived to Nottingham, Chris and I went out with his flat mates, and his new friends Bonnie and Michael.

American celebration with 8 pound American beers??


Bonnie and Michael are important because I adore them. Bonnie is from Wisconsin and Michael is for Yorkshire. They are a lovely duo who instantly made me feel at home. While Chris was away in Turkey, I shared some good memories with these two. I’m going to miss them when I take off, but I’m hoping Bonnie will meet me along during my future travels!

I don’t have much planned for my stay in Nottingham…catching up on my blog, taking a moment to reflect, and try to figure out what the heck I’m doing in Thailand. Cheers!


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