Beautiful Moments one Sunday Evening

Right before I embarked on my England/Thailand/India expedition, I was fortunate enough to discover Maiale Volante. One of the things I was looking forward to on my return to Italy was eating here again. Lucky for me, I didn’t even have to think of an occasion for us to go, Corrado was holding a book reading/presentation there of his latest project.

I was looking forward to this event for a couple reasons: #1, I love hearing about Corrado talking about his work and his passion. There is something so elegant and masterful about it. Even though the vocabulary is WAY above my comprehension, I still feel so proud to be working for someone so passionate about his ideals and wine making  I can’t imagine how Valeria feels. Unfortunately the book is only in Italian, so if you’re up for a translating project, you can purchase a copy online. I remember when Corrado received his first shipment of books, he was so excited and we sat on the couch together flipping through the pages. Realizing very quickly that it would take me FOREVER to read this, Corrado piped up with, “Look in the back, you’re in the book.” I was surprised and intrigued, and there it was on the very last page:

My name printed in an International book! About as exciting when my first photo was published in a prestigious Italian wine magazine, but this was more special. Of all the wwoofers in their years past, Lisa and I were the only ones specially named. A true reflection of how much Corrado and Valeria consider us as part of their family. It was overwhelming and sweet, I didn’t even know what to say beyond, “Wow! COOL! Grazie!” I figured since I was returning in February I’d grab a copy later.

So Corrado held a reading at Maiale Volante along with a special buffet style dinner the other night. You’ll have to forgive me, because I was so busy eating and enjoying everything, I didn’t have much patience to do food photography. I did, however, spend some time capturing some moments that I want to remember forever of my time in Italy.

I love the feeling I get when I see a large number of empty wine glasses left behind on a dinner table. To me, it represents a good meal and conversation were sure to be had there.

I also love these photos capturing, what I think is a very typical Italian dinner. A large table, lots of wine glasses and everyone engrossed in their own conversations. I especially love how Luigi’s father is playing a (french?) horn and there’s only one person paying attention because everyone else is so engrossed in their conversations.


Most of all, I love capturing Valeria and Corrado together. I rarely get to do it since these days the only time I see them together is at home while we’re eating. Their love  and relationship is inspiring to me, and I love being able to catch them in the moment.

It was a beautiful evening, just like any other evening in Italy. A freezing cold but clear night with so many stars in the sky. I still have 2 months left here and I am already feeling nostalgic for the little things I will miss like this.


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