Birthday Away From Home

As many of you already know, I am notorious for celebrating my birthday for a week. In reality, it’s just an excuse for me to plan several fun event and see so many of the amazing people in my life. Since I am abroad this year…planning a week of events with them wasn’t really possible. It’s my first time being away from home for my birthday, which seems so strange to me, but this week has turned out to be filled with relaxation and adventure.

I arrived back in Italy the night before my birthday. I didn’t head straight for Cupramontana. Since Giovanni was on holiday in Vasto with his friends, I thought it would be a good chance for me to get some real quality beach time in before I took off for London and before I had to back at work for the harvest.

By the time I was home and showered, it was midnight. To my surprise, Giovanni and his friends had already put together a birthday celebration for me. Strawberry ice cream cake (my fave) and champagne to share awaited me on the patio. It was so sweet of them I felt so loved! The actual day of my birthday was even better. I recieved many well wishes from home, and even an amazing video from home.

My friend Erica decided to put together a birthday party for me with some friends back home even though I couldn’t be there. It was quite impressive because some of them don’t even hang out together normally! Bonfire, BBQ, and music on the beach was a perfect and typical event I would have planned anyway. Sorry if you can’t see the video, its uploaded on her facebook so I am not sure what her privacy settings are. In short, its some of my amazing friends singing me happy birthday. Even Patrick is singing, and I KNOW how much he hates the birthday song.

It felt really good to know so many people were thinking of me back home even without my itinerary of birthday events. I also felt more loved than at my going away party! I simply have the most amazing friends one could ask for. I can’t wait to see them all again. Someday!

I spent the day on the beach and went to a lovely little Italian restaurant that reminds me of Lady and the Tramp. It was a quiet birthday but definitely filled with love. Can’t wait to continue the celebration in a few days…I decided to treat myself to a trip to London!

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