Erin and Jon Get Married!…(Again!)

Hurray Erin and Jon! This lovely and inspiring couple made some crazy decision along their way to let me be their wedding photographer…being it would be my first REAL wedding shoot as the main photographer, I was pretty nervous. I apologize to all my friends who have asked me to shoot their weddings in the past…I guess traveling made me a lot more confident in my skills, and instead of thinking of the task as being too much pressure, I thought of it as a wonderful way for me to participate in such a special way, and share a personal gift with them. Lesson learned: get a second shooter because you can’t be in two places at once, and bring twice as many memory cards as you think you need. Dwindling down 86 GBs of photos was…in one word: exhausting. But I did it and I am so happy and thankful for Erin and Jon being the most chill low maintenance and fun couple ever! I’m already looking forward to my next wedding shoot!

This wasn’t just any ordinary wedding though. It was no secret that Erin and Jon actually got married the year before when they eloped and were married in the Swiss alps (yes, apparently people do live fairy tales). When they returned, they had a very small intimate immediate family only wedding in the backyard of their lovely craftsman home as well. But this lead to many upset extended family members and friends that wanted to be a part of the celebration of marriage, so Erin and Jon decided to have a vow renewal ceremony a year later. Which pretty much functioned as your “typical” wedding. The easy going summer picnic theme kept everyone relaxed, even when the mariachi band showed up five hours late!

This wedding was brought to you by Erin and Jon’s super creative brains and the help of fantastic family and friends. Being the avid travelers they are, Erin and Jon settled on have a mini-destination ceremony and reception in Port Townsend, Washington, just a 20 minute ferry ride across the sound and an hour drive from Kingston. It was a beautiful day, and there are so many moments I want to share with you, but here are some of the ones that give you an idea how fun this wedding was! Enjoy!


I generally keep my post editing minimal, but I couldn’t help but bring attention to Erin’s adorable flats while she was getting ready.


Meanwhile…below…the guys are busy “getting ready”…



And the women are finally getting their finishing touches on. I love this moment I captured of Erin’s mom giving her a kiss on the forehead. It’s so endearing and was so candid. It’s one of my favorite shots of the day.



Finally everyone is ready!

Now for the “first look” before starting the ceremony…




Lucky for me, Erin and Jon were not big fans of the traditional posed group photos, so we just got a couple of silly ones and called it good before heading off to do portraits for them before the reception.


We decided to move down to the marina just outside the reception area and found a GORGEOUS wooden sailboat docked. Naturally, Erin asked if we could use it for some photos and the owners gladly obliged. I love these photos so much because it allowed Erin and Jon to goof off in their own way without me having to pose them.


The return entrance was awesome. Among the high fives and cheers, someone handed Jon a beer.


I loved the simple touches of the decorations like the magic card seating chart. Jon is a big Magic fan, so it was a great way to include his personality into the details. Erin has been greatly involved with many nonprofit projects as part of her career so naturally, they used the occasion to give back to one organization that holds dear to her heart as well.

The reception was just a crazy fun dance party. I admit, it was really hard for me to cncentrate at times because I just wanted to dance with my friends! Lucky for me, since it was also my birthday, Erin and Jon told me to quit shooting soon after the dance party got started so I could get my groove on as well. How could you not want to dance with these people?

Such a great father of the bride toast!




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