Here Comes “Bunn”

Meghan and Nick Pembroke. I love this couple so much words really can’t express it. I met Meghan when I first started with WSDOT, she wasn’t my immediate supervisor but shortly after I started she became mine. On top of being what I exactly imagined myself to be at her age, she was an incredible role model for me professionally. I was lucky enough to witness their marriage and when Meghan became pregnant, I was overjoyed. We talked about doing an in home studio session for her maternity pictures, but our schedules weren’t quite matching up since I transferred to a new office. We decided to grab a few photos at the beach one day since I was about to leave for Italy for a month and planned for more “tummy” pics once I came back right before she was due. It was a good thing we did this because unfortunately while I was away Meghan had some health complications and “Bunn” (they wanted to keep the baby’s name a secret) came a little early right when I got back.

I am happy to say that Ada Mary (aka Bunn) is a beautiful healthy girl, and you can check out her baby photos here. But here is to Meghan and Nick an wonderfully amazing couple that make marriage look easy.

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