The End is Over – My First Album Art!

Five years ago we said goodbye to The Senate. What was intended on a one time Senate reunion after 5 years, sold out The Tractor in a couple days, and the guys ended up turning it into a mini reunion, summer tour and all! What fans also didn’t know was the band was planning on releasing another live album from the reunion show. SO AWESOME!!

Lucky for me, I got to witness the reunion a little early during rehearsals AND witness both shows!


Nick considered switching instruments for about half a second.IMG_42062 IMG_42213 IMG_42294

A special treat for fans was Maurice Bailey on drums!IMG_42495 IMG_42836

As a result, I ended up volunteering to video AND photograph the reunion. This proved to be VERY difficult with just one camera. But it was a fun project!

Which also in turn, ended up fulfilling one of my dreams: MY PHOTOS USED AS ALBUM ART!! I’ve always wanted to be that photographer that gets to travel with bands and documents the behind the scenes stuff and rocktography that gets put into CD art on the inside with all the lyrics…I never even thought about one of my photos actually being used as the front of an album! But lucky me when Nick asked me for permission. Permission? I felt like someone was asking me if it was ok to pay me my lottery winnings. HECK YES!! Nick’s brother Benjamin created the album art using my photos and I couldn’t be more ecstatic with how it turned out. I am just honored beyond ridiculous means.




Here are the photos from the reunion:  IMG_4473 IMG_4482 IMG_4564 IMG_4581 IMG_4583 IMG_4585 IMG_4600 IMG_4611 IMG_4619 IMG_4659 IMG_4748 IMG_4758 IMG_4915 IMG_5006 IMG_5033bw IMG_5053 IMG_5070 IMG_5090 IMG_5103 IMG_5111 IMG_5128 IMG_5133 IMG_5151 IMG_5203  IMG_5252 IMG_5268 IMG_5421 IMG_5447 IMG_5449 IMG_5481 IMG_5511 IMG_5568 IMG_5595 IMG_5606 IMG_5644 IMG_5693 IMG_5732

Definitely one of the highlights of my summer.

Catch the guys now on their tour this summer as a venue near you! Summer tour schedule and tickets available online.

What would be even better though is snagging one of the few tickets left for their CD Release Show (August 9) at The Triple Door AND getting yourself one of their albums! They’ve never sold a show out there before, so getting your ticket at the door is not reccommended. The last time they played a double header at the Triple Door, tickets sold out for tables AND standing room areas! So if you haven’t seen them yet, you’ll definitely want to see them now! Get your tickets here!

So happy and excited for these lovely fellow human beings. 🙂

Oh. And the video I ended up making, while not what I had originally had in mind, works too!

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