When The Wizard Comes to Sasquatch!

Click. Click. Click. Type. Type. Type. It’s a typical work day until my phone starts buzzing and a big smile comes across my face. Because that’s what you do when Ryan Henry Ward calls you. Always smile. And feel warm and fuzzy. We don’t normally talk on the phone so even though I’m in the middle of work, I pick up.

(…pass typical hi-how-are-yous….)

“Hey are you doing anything Memorial Day Weekend?” – Ryan 

“You know, for once, I don’t know. There’s been some discussion of camping but nothing solid….” – Me

“Well hey, how do you feel about going to Sasquatch (music festival) with me to document my art? I’ll give you an all-access-backstage pass…” – Ryan (He might have said some other things, but everything seemed to fade away as soon as he said Sasquatch and backstage passes)

“Uh. SERIOUSLY!? YES!” – Me (stifling squeals at my desk)

“Yeah I mean, if you’re not busy, I’d really love to have you.” – Ryan 

“Are you KIDDING me?! Yes I’ll go!” – Me

“Well we’re leaving next Wednesday, if there is anyway you can head out with us, great, if not I’ll see you there.” – Ryan 

“OH, believe me, I’ll make it work.” – Me (Except in reality I had NO IDEA if my work would let me take a few days off with such short notice…luckily for me… CLICK ME)

 photo 10440825_677103302337243_5195844601755795345_n_zps6bb97406.jpg

And BOOM, just over a week later, I found myself squeezed in the middle of a U-Haul with Ryan and Jan on my way to the Gorge for the very first time, to attend one of the PNW’s most popular music festivals, WITH BACKSTAGE PASSES! EEE!! I knew the trip was going to be amazing, but it ended up surpassing any of my hopes and expectations.

 photo 10325329_10100899148471310_8891742461435069053_n_zps987cc788.jpg

 photo 10437790_677106555670251_2939175136094590096_n_zps6c52adca.jpg

 photo alltogether_zps3b1d448f.jpg

Sasquatch! Music Festival is an annual multi-day music festival that was founded in 2002. It takes place at the Gorge Amphitheater in Eastern Washington and from what I heard, is one of the most beautiful outdoor venues next to Red Rock Amphitheater in Colorado. Since it’s inception, it has been a raging PNW favorite. All I ever heard growing up was how amazing The Gorge was. Many view Sasquatch! as the “kickoff” to summer music festivals, since it has typically been held Memorial Day Weekend (everyone’s kick off to summer season weekend). Tickets typically sell out within hours the box office opening, and I’ve never once considered going because A) I suck being “on top of it” when it comes to grabbing hot tickets and B) It can be wildly expensive (Day passes alone cost over $100 while 3-4 day passes cost $350 NOT counting camping, AND that’s at face value (probably without some dumb electronic fee too)! Some special passes are sold up to $10,000…redonkulous right? I hope you get to have dinner with the headliners for that price).

 photo 10452386_677102455670661_8009556030078587204_n_zpse6a129c2.jpg

After having the opportunity to bring a few art pieces to showcase at Sasquatch in 2013, Ryan was asked to return in 2014, but this time as the Visual Arts Curator for the entire festival. That’s some awesomely big shoes to fill, but Ryan is just the man for that job! So, not only did Ryan create an army of 50 eight-foot tall Sasquatch characters and help design festival merch, he made it his mission to live-paint a 50-foot mural DURING the festival. Ryan really wanted to showcase art other than himself and wanted to give people a chance to see and experience different types of art, so he brought along 12 of his local artist friends to create art live at different areas all over the festival. This was the fun part for me.

 photo 10329079_677103822337191_7917877581314624065_n_zps6fb294d5.jpg   photo 10462859_677102115670695_8227522620189509043_n_zpsd180881a.jpg

I was able to meet so many new people (some old friends), and be with them as they get to experience and contribute to something they’ve been going to for years (some had been coming to the Gorge since their early teenage years!). It’s ALMOST like jumping into that tour bus to photograph the behind-the-scenes for a band. But Instead of a bus, we’re in a U-haul, and I’m with some of the quirkiest, talented visual artists I’ve ever met.

 photo 10474738_677102125670694_612023453254010960_n_zps27692d46.jpg

We arrived late two days before the festival opened so Ryan could get everything set up. Among installing the 50 Sasquatch characters around the venue, Ryan’s very handy friends from Barefoot Builders (lead by treehouse building expert David, and supported by Bemya and Murph) actually built the 50 foot mural in one day.

 photo 10487345_677103652337208_2754019784185264469_n_zpsc484a0fc.jpg   photo 984136_677104212337152_1714755142273727220_n_zps4037f783.jpg

 photo 10484346_677102385670668_1267289791199378486_n_zps3b52dcab.jpg

 photo 10420279_677102722337301_2782712605083175779_n_zps302c17e5.jpg

 photo 10462812_677102829003957_344353641238847928_n_zps59ed1080.jpg

One of the most unique aspects of Sasquatch is being able to be there for the set-up. The Gorge is really beautiful, but especially without people screaming, the smell of grease/pot, and trash EVERYWHERE (more on that later).

 photo 10492563_677104119003828_4513989436128243167_n_zps31e38b9b.jpg

I had so much fun riding around in trucks taking pictures of everyone working and getting ready.

 photo 10401378_677106632336910_2198672824052013707_n_zps0fd8465d.jpg

 photo 10294242_677102322337341_1003293457465699901_n_zpsc6ff675d.jpg    photo 10269507_677102005670706_3101223808604698742_n_zps5609a44b.jpg

 photo 10483141_677102285670678_4349220200812124254_n_zpsc430b498.jpg   photo 10322492_677103985670508_195149657559754220_n_zps9da047ec.jpg

 photo 10487472_677104769003763_501329666052472086_n_zps48f70f67.jpg

I think one of the most challenging art pieces was this pyramid, which was built on site by Jan and his friends. Not all of the pieces fit into the U-haul nicely so he had to hack it apart and piece it back together! I imagine it to be something similar with trying to put together an all white rubics pyramid or something. But they did it!

 photo 10500481_677102769003963_5881836709197793165_n_zps5461cd83.jpg

 photo 10405313_677104579003782_2390227314198474367_n_zps53f56076.jpg

 photo 1907676_677105182337055_7424419313027081761_n_zpsda78afc0.jpg

 photo 10457596_677105782336995_6418038559546357961_n_zps3df97869.jpg
 photo 10443380_677102939003946_122445910588392689_n_zpse93d48ac.jpg

One of my ideas was to create a time lapse of the mural from start to finish, but I only had one camera (no tripod) and one of me, so I had to balance taking still photos of the mural in progress and everything else that was happening around the festival. By the end of the third day, I had worn myself a nice little trail from the point I took every photo (approximately), to the area in front of the mural where I would hang out with everyone. The end result was pretty fun:

There was something incredibly surreal as you’re watching the sun go down behind the different stages as the lights and sound crew test everything. The best part for me was walking around the venue at night while the stages are being set up. Fog machines, lights, speakers – they’re all being checked and as we drove around it was like the best pre-funk festival experience just for us! Laying in the grass in front of the mainstage, staring up at the starry night, listening to who knows what popular indie rock music is coming out of those speakers. I thought the highlight of the weekend was going to be how I got to be on the mainstage during soundcheck…but little did I know that two nights later I would be dancing on it..(more on that later).

 photo 10379741_10100907155779600_1000994528594483843_o_zps957ad181.jpg   photo 10262230_677103745670532_7623623455804621882_n_zpsc89ae587.jpg

 photo 10409487_677103519003888_3734350708549972586_n_zps28880320.jpg

I thought excitement would keep me up the first night, but being in the sun is exhausting. I promptly passed out sometime after 1 AM. However, my sweet slumber was interrupted by the jarring noise of “rap and crap” (I told myself) BLASTING. I mean seriously blasting. I thought everyone at the campsite was still up partying until I heard an echoing voice saying “Check check. One one. Two Two. Check Check.” I thought, “SERIOUSLY? Soundcheck? What time is it? Oh the sun isn’t even up yet. WTF.” And promptly went back to sleep (I’ve been blessed with the ability to sleep through most things – expect snoring). Later that morning I did confirm that it was indeed Outkast (Friday night’s headliner), doing soundcheck at some ungodly hour of the morning. “Oh…well if it was Outkast…I guess that was ok…well actually no. Not really.” I mean I know they’re trying to do it before everyone arrives for the festival, but if I was a headliner, I certainly would not be happy about that kind of sound check time.

 photo 10439483_677106399003600_3461726459305672795_n_zps4775db67.jpg   photo 10264477_677104802337093_7178492911613261158_n_zps17a4c7ad.jpg

Experiencing Sasquatch! for the first time at 27-years-old was…awesome in a way that made me realize I am an old fart. How these kids party the way they do…I have no idea…I had a great time being sober and experiencing everything. Some kids though…actually, side story…so John created this TInglertown display (above right), and someone kept coming by when the installation was unsupervised and smashing his artwork. Heartbreaking to say the least, but luckily, John finally caught one of the guys red handed (who obviously wasn’t sober in the least). He firmly grabbed him by the collar demanding the kid pay for the pieces he destroyed, and when the kid stammered with nothing to say, John dragged him over to security, where the kid was promptly kicked out of the festival. *CHEERS!* It made me so sad and mad to see such hard work being destroyed by wreckless and thoughtless festival-goers. Is it too much to ask that people act like decent human beings and be respectful of the art? We’re bored pre-teens looking for something to do (Oh wait…some of you are) Luckily that was the only major downer during the festival for the artists. It seemed to me everyone was able to enjoy themselves.

 photo 10357255_677104859003754_573428225656084963_n_zpsd1dd3e57.jpg photo 46219_677105229003717_6659963758027977058_n_zps802db159.jpg photo 10376077_677104632337110_2027975246223843629_n_zpsa7abe037.jpg

 photo 1907371_677104385670468_1864772350674082444_n_zps74a477df.jpg

My favorite part of the whole experience was watching Ryan work. It’s incredibly awe inspirirng to watch one person handpaint a 50 ft mural in two days with just a paintbrush, some spray paint, and a ladder. Ryan even has planters fasciitis, which is a common foot injury from spending too much time standing on ladder rails without proper footwear. Nothing some brand new mountain boots, chain smoking, and focusing on work to help get your mind off of that!


 photo 10373684_677106295670277_6728744568448929645_n_zps4350967a.jpg

 photo 10410177_677104299003810_8659926910300798895_n_zps57fe45e9.jpg

I loved watching Ryan’s playful whimsical spirit come through his art, and how his eyes, smiles, and hugs warmed the heart of everyone he interacted with.

 photo 10392504_677106239003616_3039371638320578599_n_zpscc35af4b.jpg photo IMG_7471_zps7b319f34.jpg    photo 10387047_677105419003698_195045595460579469_o_zps40c503bb.jpg

This lovely woman in the red (above) was incredibly delightful. She saw/met Ryan 5 or so years ago and got one of his stickers. She always told him that she would make him something in return, and make something she did. She quilted/crafted the shirt Ryan is holding and it’s based off of the sticker that Ryan gave to her years ago. Ryan was so touched by her thoughtfulness and efforts, I was beaming just being witness to that kind of humble gratitude.

 photo 10404529_677105012337072_1354745083122117001_n_zpsbd74536e.jpg

 photo 10373948_677097425671164_8410377704758936100_n_zpse7aeec97.jpg

 photo 10487369_677105015670405_4446276225478663215_n_zps6e0311ab.jpg

 photo 10390117_677105895670317_194755139035515463_n_zps328be5f7.jpg

 photo 10418234_677107009003539_6760773008086550888_n_zpsbc98f8fd.jpg

Watching Ryan power through his work was a force to be reckon with alone. Despite the chaos of the surrounding festival and taking breaks to talk to “adoring fans” (as I like to call them), Ryan still created one heck of a piece of art. Watching him put the finishing last touches to the mural (I don’t think I’ve ever sprinted so fast between the time lapse photo and getting up close to capture his signature), made my heart swell. I was so proud of him, I can’t even begin to imagine what it felt like for him.

 photo 10461396_677105682337005_8588029905959786692_n_zpsf7552c02.jpg photo 10455844_677105729003667_9103037995691759099_n_zpsa981b8a3.jpg

Once Ryan completed his mural, I was finally able to relax and see some shows! I was ready to plant myself on the mainstage. Before that I snuck in peaks at a few mainstage artists including Mary Lambert (where I got to practice my paparazzi skills).

 photo IMG_7011_zpsc36f390a.jpg photo IMG_7012_zps065aefe6.jpg photo IMG_7109_zps209a167b.jpg

Hobosexual was right next door at the Narwal stage so that was easy enough in between still shots.
 photo IMG_7502_zpsd34ef7d6.jpg

Backstage view!

 photo IMG_7672_zpsff8f7a7c.jpg

 photo 10426745_677105845670322_9119046247968925858_n_zps56c314f4.jpg

Luckily Ryan finished just in time so I could plant myself on the mainstage in time for:

The Violent Femmes!!

 photo IMG_7693_zpscb38095b.jpg photo IMG_7706_zpsda1ec7a4.jpg

They were awesome! Man those guys can rock it! They were my favorite performance all weekend. As you get tell from the photo of Andy above, all-access passes meant we got into the media pit! Whoohoo!

 photo IMG_7728_zpsa9a32c88.jpg


 photo IMG_7771_zpscdd01abb.jpg


 photo IMG_7803_zps2dd9580c.jpg

Now, I am definitely not the biggest M.I.A. fan but I can groove to her when I’m out with some friends, but HOLY COW is her performance incredible. Her and all of her glittery Sri Lanka glory. After seeing her perform I am a HUGE fan of her. She is crazy fun and knows how to work a crowd. And did I mention I got to dance on stage with her? This is where the story about dancing in front of 20,000 people comes in.

Photo by Jordan Stead

Photo by Jordan Stead

So this is how the story goes. Since I wasn’t consistently spending much time backstage at shows most of the weekend, I wasn’t sure how my all access pass worked. Because for Violent Femmes, we were able to kick it in the media pit, even after the media had to leave (they’re allowed to stay for the first 2 or 3 songs I think). When Neko Case came on, I was able to come in and out of the media pit as I pleased. The area to stand backstage backstage was a little bit more confusing. We were not allowed to be in the back on the left of the stage for Violent Femmes, but we were for Neko Case. So..I wasn’t sure where I was allowed for M.I.A. so I thought I would stake out a spot on the scaffolding and see. Well after the first 40 seconds of her entering the stage, I knew I did NOT want to be on the scaffolding to the right of the stage. I wanted to be on the ground to the left of the stage! They had opened it for a handful of people to enjoy the show from the side, so I sprinted downstairs to join the fun.

Naturally, the time you’re pumped up about something, SOMEONE gets in your way. New security lady would not let me into the media pit because I didn’t have a “media pass”. I argued I had been coming in an out all day. She basically told me to eff off and even though I just wanted to use the media pit to cross over and get backstage, she told me I had to go around. I looked at her like she was a crazy person and was like “SERIOUSLY? You want me to walk AROUND 20,000 people right now.”

 photo 406Sasquatchreg_zpse2fcc1d4.jpg

She was firm in her stance so I pouted for about half a song, took some photos and then shoved my way into a clear walkway that went around the mainfloor and made it to the other backstage door. Security let me in no problem there, and as I went up to join Ryan at the side of the stage I saw a bunch of people running out onto the stage. I asked Ryan “Why is everyone running on stage? Can we go?” And he said “She said ladies only! Go!” Without another word I threw down my purse and ran out on stage to join the dance party.

In slow motion as I ran into the stage this is how my thought process went:

“Yeah DANCE PARTY! Heck yeah!…OH SHIT…that’s a lot of people…What am I doing? WTF am I talking about? I’m on stage with MIA and I’m going to dance like it’s my last day on earth!!” 

MIA dance

And dance my pants off I did. I have never dance so hard in my life. I’m not even sure if I could dance harder if Ellen Degeneres was dancing next to me. It was exhilarating.

 photo 409Sasquatchreg_zpsea0c5406.jpg

I was on such an adrenaline rush after that, and for the rest of the night, I didn’t even stay to watch the headliners, The National (who I actually did want to see). I ran around all night yelling and squealing and telling everyone I knew what had happened and I was pretty sure it was the best time of my life.

The rest of the weekend was quiet. We spent the last day of the festival catching a few shows, eating lots of food, and laying the grass. Seeing Queens of the Stone Age from back stage was AWESOME! I did have the unpleasant experience of being dragged to a Die Antwoord show. I wish someone had mentally prepared me for that. I felt like a piece of my soul/innocence was sucked out of me and I’ll never be able to get it back. I was certain I’d have nightmares after that, and would only say if you are not familiar with them, don’t look them up unless you like LOVE scary movies and being creeped out. Trust me, shit gets WEIRD. Not my cup of tea, but I’m glad someone appreciates them.

While the entire weekend was incredible, there was one moment that almost ruined it all for me. Every morning I was AMAZED how clean the festival grounds were. Humans are seriously dirty creatures. Especially young adults, who are drunk high, free, and wreckless. I couldn’t believe how much garbage would be left on the ground each day and how much of a mess humans can make. Each night reminded me of that scene in Pinocchio where the boys run off to Treasure Island and there are broken chairs, overturned tables, piles of things burning, and total chaos everywhere. That’s what it felt like. And it felt disgusting.

 photo 984118_10100907133394460_9075032132336741670_n_zps962c8a08.jpg

The first time the confetti came down, I kept thinking “Oh god how are they going to clean this?” (I know…I am DEFINITELY getting old). But the next day it was good as new. Each day of the festival, opening hours were like the gates opening for the first time that weekend. The porto potties were clean, the grass was green, everything was fresh and new. Andy and I even discussed ways we thought they cleaned it. I thought maybe a leaf blower the compiled it all or some kind of vaccum. The morning after the festival was over, I discovered the truth.

 photo IMG_8216_zpsbc887c46.jpg

I didn’t have a zoom lens otherwise I would have gotten more photos, but if you look closely and this photo above, you can see groups of migrant workers picking up the confetti BY HAND. My heart just broke into pieces as we drove by to break down the art installations. I just couldn’t believe it. 20,000 people come in each day, trash the place and these people (probably twice the age of most festival goers and $5 says they weren’t getting much above minimum wage) were up all night picking up after them. It disgusted me. I felt embarrassed. It made me a little angry too. Seeing how wasteful people could be and seeing the aftermath of what the wastefulness brings. Who knows, maybe those workers are paid well, but in any case, it can’t possibly be efficient to pick everything up by hand. How terrible. If anyone goes to any festivals in the future and is reading, all I ask of you is to PLEASE be mindful at your next visit. I know there isn’t a way to stop people from attending these types of events, and not everyone will pick up after themselves, but really, you should think about this scenario. Just think about it at least.

Even with that low note, it was a great weekend. I don’t want to discount how incredible the whole experience was. I am so thankful for so many things after that weekend.

 photo 10450438_677106832336890_948108928884334603_n_zps13dc2d3b.jpg

Thank you Ryan for sharing such an incredible experience with me. I will never forget it!

 photo 10462581_677103319003908_7704388379970123012_n_zps3fe713e9.jpg  photo 444Sasquatchreg_zps3f15ceb1.jpg

I even got my very own Sandysquatch to take home! BEST SOUVENIR EVER!!!

 photo 10406607_677102795670627_3684221896278902636_n_zps9d1dc240.jpg   photo 10516835_10101018621960480_3070916371557341537_n_zps446366df.jpg

If you still want more Henry action at Sasquatch, check out the mini documentary Taylor made:

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