Funny story how I discovered this group. I was enjoying what I thought would be any regular old Open Mic night at Conor Bryne one sunday evening. Turns out there was some special tribute for a local sound engineer, Kory Kruckenberg, who recently won a Grammy. So as a tribute to him, many of the artists he has worked with performed a song or two. One of them being this band called Pickwick. When they performed I immediately fell in love with their beautiful acappella style. It’s been a while since I heard just voices and I loved their lead singer. He has a fantastic perfect crooning voice.

When I went home to look them up, I expected to find more acapella music. But turns out they are an actual band with instruments. So I decided I wanted to catch a live show…well turns out everytime I have seen them live, they are always doing the acapella thing. Last year I couldn’t get into their show at Bumbershoot because the place reached max capacity an hour before their show! I was glad I was able to catch a preview of them earlier in the day, butĀ theĀ instruments were still very minimal.

They have yet to release a full album, but hopefully someday soon they will.

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