Help Keep Musica Distesa Alive!

If there is one thing that has made an irreplaceable impression on me during my travels, it is Corrado and Valeria. Without them, I may have never been able to embark on this incredible journey I’ve been so blessed to make. These two are exemplary examples of living with an open heart. I love them to death, and words can’t thank them enough for how much they have given me in terms of being a loving and supportive, providing me with opportunities I never even dreamed of, and always providing me with more than just a home to come back to.

For those of you who don’t know, Corrado is the winemaker I work for at La Distesa and Valeria is his wife/my idol. They work together running a small winery and bed and breakfast (argiturismo) in this town of Cupramontana. On top of being a winemaker and loving father, Corrado is heavily involved in the city politics as a councilmember, and continuously looks for new ways to share his ideals and knowledge about organic winemaking. He recently published a book last fall called, “Non è il vino dell’enologo” printed by another small independent pushing company. They’ve already sold more than 3,000 copies and his book was given a great review in the most well respected newspaper in Italy (their version of our Washington Post or New York Times). We’re still looking for someone to translate the book from italian to English, so if you know of anyone, let us know! Next to my mom, Valeria is one of the strongest women I know. She is heavily involved in communication and fundraising for NGO organizations, and while she’s running her consultancy work from home, she’s already taking care of the children young (hers) and old (us!).

Anyway, I’ll just get to the point. La Distesa traditionally started running a music festival several years ago. It usually runs a couple days in June and features international bands, local artists who share their art (book readings or photography exhibits), and of course plenty of local food and and wine to share. In the past La Distesa has always footed the bill, but given the recent economic situation in Italy, it’s been a little harder to put the money forward to fund the festival this year. The tradition will keep going (this will be the fifth one), but it would certainly help some amazing people out to pitch in even just 5 euros ($6.55 – come on that’s less than your double machiatto and breakfast wrap you get from Starbucks everyday). The funding goal to be reached is just to cover costs of the festival and not for profit.

Musica Distesa was founded on the love for music, wine, food, and sharing. I haven’t asked any of you to help me raise any money for any of the organizations I’ve been a part of while volunteering abroad, because this is the one place I can guarantee you that your money won’t be squandered away or pocketed.

Corrado and Valeria have opened their home and hearts to so many volunteers in the past, inspiring some to continue in organic farming, others to continue work for the Peace Corp. They have certainly inspired more than I could say in my life, and it would be so amazing if you could make a donation to help them reach their fundraising goal. You can make a donation on their Music Raiser page.

Donation amounts are rewarded anything from a promise of a good dinner and wine, to a 2 week stay at the bed and breakfast and tour of the cellar. So if you’re looking for a REAL Italian vacation soon….*hint hint* no better place to come than to stay with my Italian family! It would mean the world to me if you could help me give back to the people who have given so much to me and other volunteers of the past. If you donate, I promise to pitch in my own way. Anything from hugs to printed photos of your choice, to a free copy of my coffee table book (to be published on my return) of my travel photos.


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