March Fourth Marching Band

If I were to ever run away and join the circus, I’d probably just run away with March Fourth Marching Band. It’s like the circus except way more fun. Nick introduced me to this band when we were visiting New Orleans in 2009. Lucky for us, it was Halloween weekend and nothing is more fun than Halloween in New Orleans. We saw the band several times throughout the weekend in the streets and at a great concert venue.

While we were waiting for the band to appear we heard a commotion outside, and the band was already playing in the streets, making their entrance to the stage. The band, dancers, banner and all, I wish I had photos but being it was my first time in New Orleans and I didn’t know what kind of shinannigans I would get into, I thought it would be best to leave my camera at home.

Great music, energy, and people, I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate many other occasions with the band. It’s such a booty shaking good time, I usually leave my camera at home. But as you can see from above, there has been some rare moments when my camera does make it out. It’s really hard to describe their music, but I can say that they must be enjoyed live. I would highly recommend catching a show if their in your town anytime soon. 🙂

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