4 Peaks Music Festival

Being that I wouldn’t get to be with the boys for Summer Meltdown this year, I was beyond ecstatic I was able to join them for 4 Peaks Music Festival in Bend, Oregon. It’s basically the perfect size festival. One main stage, one small stage, a few food and merchant vendors…lots of hula hooping. It also takes place in one of the most beautiful places. Named after the 4 mountain peaks that can be seen from the festival…its gorgeous to say the least.

Did I mention there was a backstage pool area? YEAH…needed for the HOT July weekend we had. Plus, I’m not even sure if I’ve ever seen as many compost,/recycle receptacles before. Every vendor used the same utensils, and the trash receptacles were heavily guarded by a festival staff member to make sure you were recycling correctly….it was awesome.

It was a weekend full of laughs, memories and great music…but the highlight was by far, the moment when the guys played a special acoustic version of “Always Hear You” for David’s dear friend’s children, who were disappointed they didn’t get to hear the song during their set. Lucky for you, I recorded it here for your enjoyment!

Here are some great memories from the weekend:

IMG_7286 IMG_7291 IMG_7299 IMG_7311

I need to work on my night photography. But I loved these people standing on the roof of a bus with the moonlight. It looked cooler in person…. 🙂



David wanted to capture Nick and I hanging out in the back.

IMG_7354 IMG_7357 IMG_7358


IMG_7461 IMG_7495 IMG_7526 IMG_7561 IMG_7668 IMG_7684 IMG_7692 IMG_7698


These necklaces were awesome I bought a teal one and brought over more business! Necklace I bought seen below with my favorite!IMG_7705 IMG_7712 IMG_7718 IMG_7725  11180320_10101362705698910_1012426391108649217_n 11425124_10101362705688930_4751961881247108067_n

Ending the weekend with a sweaty dance party with Polecat is simply the best. 🙂



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