Yellow Aster Butte

After an endless marathon of events this summer, my soul needed some mountain time. Who better to get outside with than Brandon and Traci. I told Brandon I didn’t care where we went as long as it had a rewarding view. And he delivered! The weather held out just long enough!

Yellow Aster Butte has long been on my list since it was recommended to me back in college. It’s situated in my favorite area, The North Cascades next to my favorite car camping spot (Twin Lakes) and hike (Winchester Mountain). This 7.5 round trip hike (2550 elevation gain) gave us a good workout (for those of us in TERRIBLE hiking condition), but nothing that would make me regret it.

The views were spectacular. The beginning switchbacks were kind of boring, but once it opened up, you were hiking along the ridge lines the rest of the way. We opted not to make the last scramble because the weather was looking iffy. And to be honest I am REALLY out of hiking condition! But it was beautiful nonetheless.


Brandon’s handy dandy app overlays the mountain peaks in a photo! How cool is that?

Annnd because a half melted snowman…do you wanna build a snowman?

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