Ramona Falls

Located in the Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon, Ramona Falls is the perfect day hike for anyone looking to get some exercise without major difficulty. The 7.1 mile loop trail remains flat for the most part, gaining 1000 feet in elevation, but there were a few tricky parts as the temporary bridge over the Sandy River was washed out.

I was happy with these pictures considering I was using Bill’s point-in-shoot camera (mine is officially dead folks – I know I’m crying too).

We somehow made our way across by crossing a couple fallen logs without any problems. The trail was nice and wide for the most part, it would probably make a great trail run. Walking through the mossy forest moving between misting rain and heavy drops with partial breaks of sun made for an interesting trip.

We kept moving pretty quickly to stay warm (even though it was late May), but once the sun peaked out we reverted but to a leisurely pace. We finally arrived at the 130-ft falls. Beautiful and enchanting, though hard to enjoy with a chill wind and wet jackets. We scarfed down our food and quickly headed back. This trail crosses with the Pacific Crest Trail and I thought it would have been funny to run into my friend Carolyn who is currently on her way back up (crazy impressed and jealous of her!).

It wasn’t perfect weather, but it was the perfect amount of exercise to get our lazy butts moving on a Sunday.

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