Oyster Dome

Can’t get enough of the Oyster Dome. An absolute must for anyone visiting Bellingham, WA. It’s a challenging day hike, although nothing an average person can’t do with a littleĀ persistence, and the views are the best. It was a staple activity while I was living there and I’ve taken many people visiting town there.

I’ve never done the 7 mile roundtrip from Chukanut Drive just because the first 2 miles are boring switchbacks with no view. We usually drive around Blanchard Mountain to a hang glide launch area where the trip becomes roughly 5 miles. Sorry I guess I’m not a hardcore Bellingham outdoorsy person. But it’s really fun to watch the people take off on a nice spring/summer/fall day. One day I’d like to do the hike and watch the sunset…but one day….


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